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Families Worshipping God Together

Please excuse the mess. This webpage is currently undergoing a total makeover.

Looking for service times and location?

We know from personal experience that this is something which should be displayed “front and center” on a website’s home page. So, you might be thinking, “why don’t I see it”? Well, we are currently trying to establish our first meeting place and location.

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What might church at KRBC look like?
As far as location is concerned, we expect to be located in Western Shawnee. But this is not set in stone. Our experience has taught us that it is okay to make plans knowing that God has the freedom to change them in favor of His plans.
As far as a facility is concerned, it could be a house, it may be a rented space or even a shared space. Whatever the case, we look forward to God’s plan in this and will share details as soon as they are available.
As far as the service is concerned, we will come together for the intended purpose of worshiping God. For starters, we will do this through fellowship, song, and study of His Word. As we grow, so will our structure. But in the beginning, we will meet for approximately one hour on Sunday mornings.
As far as random circumstance is concerned, we believe in God’s planned order and because of that, we do not subscribe to random circumstance. That is to say, perhaps you could play a role in the beginnings of this church. Has God put it in your heart to seek out a new place to worship Him? Has God put it in your heart to be part of this church plant?
As far as theology is concerned, we are a confessional church and we believe in the Doctrines of Grace, the Five Solas, the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, the inerrancy of Scripture, etc. This will eventually be put into an exhaustive form on our “what we believe” page.
Whatever the case, we are glad you found us! And just so you know, we have been praying for you and are looking forward to getting to know you. We hope you will take the time to view our site so that you may get an idea about who we are and what we believe. Go ahead and take a look around.


look for an introduction video from Pastor Chris in the hopefully not so distant future