shepherd with sheep

Our Pastor

Chris’ parents were teenagers when Chris was born. He was not planned by them, and although his parents married in an attempt to right a wrong, the marriage would end up failing when Chris started kindergarten.

Chris bounced between his parents until sixth grade when he went to live with his grandmother. His grandmother was devout in her faith and Chris began to attend church and Christian school. Chris remained in the care of his grandmother until high school when he would move back with his mother.

Although Chris had learned the faith and went through the motions while in the environment (praying a prayer at Bible camp), he was yet to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Chris lived in rebellion toward God beginning in high school up until the age of thirty. That 15 year interval was filled with unspeakable sin and unforgettable pain. Thankfully, God’s sovereignty over Chris’ life prevailed and Chris was rescued from death on many occasions.

When Chris turned thirty, God’s grace enabled him to raise the white flag and granted him the ability to genuinely confess with his mouth and believe in his heart. Whether or not he was saved before, he considers this the mark of his “true” walk with Christ. As he matured as a Christian, God would reveal himself more and more until Chris realized that he was being called to the pastorate and to start a church. It was at this moment he would remember that his grandmother mentioned when he was very young that he would be a pastor someday.

Chris returned to the college campus and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries At Calvary Bible College in Belton, Missouri. Chris majored in the original languages of biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. Chris continues to study at Calvary Theological Seminary and looks to complete his first Masters in Bible and Theology in the fall of 2017. Chris will then pursue the remainder of a Masters in Divinity. Chris jokes about being a perpetual student and has expressed desire to enter a PhD or DMin program if God should permit.

Chris has been married to his wife Donna since 2003. Chris and Donna met in 2001 just a short while after Chris’ “return” to the faith. Donna was a single mother at the time with a similar past to Chris. Her story, too, was riddled with rebellion toward God and the pain that that brings. Chris stepped into father Donna’s two teen daughters (twins). God would go on to bless them with a child of their own who now attends junior high at a private Christian school.

Chris served on the worship team for six years before accepting the position of music director at a Southern Baptist Church in KCK. Chris fulfilled this commitment for two years while unofficially serving in an associate pastor role while completing an internship to fulfill a degree requirement.

Chris and Donna knew their time at this church was but for a season. They were sad to leave but knew that God was calling them to a new location to serve. God called them to a small Reformed Baptist Church in Olathe, KS where Chris felt they could be of service while at the same time he could be laying the groundwork to plant a new church in northern Johnson County.  Kansas Reformed Baptist Church.

UPDATE: Chris earned his Masters in Bible and Theology from Calvary University  in the spring of 2018. He is currently a qualified candidate for the new PhD program that is being approved by the Higher Learning Commission. He hopes to begin the program in the fall of 2018.