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Our Story

The call to start KRBC came back in 2012 when our pastor Chris became convicted to return to school and study pastoral ministries. What was very clear for Chris at the time was that he needed to enter the ministry, but the vision to start a church was still unfolding to him. This would become clearer as his studies progressed. He felt led to move his family from where they had been serving and attending for six years.  But his efforts to find a church with the distinctives he was now convicted of were proving to be harder than anticipated. In fact, his search would come up empty and he felt God was telling him to stay put for the time being. It was while waiting in this holding pattern, Chris came to realize that God wanted him to eventually start a church.

Although God had made known His Will to Chris, he had not made known His plan yet. It would be two years before Chris got the call to move to another church. Chris knew this would just be a season of serving elsewhere in the Body of Christ while moving his family one step closer to realizing the vision to start a new church. After serving unofficially as an associate pastor and officially as music director for two years in a Southern Baptist Church, Chris finally moved his family to a reformed church and began the steps necessary for starting what has now become Kansas Reformed Baptist Church.

Through it all, Chris felt compelled by God that this was what and how he was called to do it. Many times this flied in the face of today’s western culture. The main focus for the vision of this church has been and always will be “keep God as the central focus of everything and do what will bring Him glory”.

On October 17 2016, KRBC took the first legal measure for recognition by the state and the vision became a reality. But the story does not stop here, in fact, our story is just beginning. KRBC may not have a building or even a congregation yet but the Church does have faith that God will deliver what He has promised…to build His Church!

If you are looking to worship someplace where Christ is all and in all, where the teaching of sound doctrine of the Word of God is of the highest priority, where worship music isn’t focused on the listener and a “feeling”, where growing in holiness is considered a necessary outward visible sign of conversion and sanctification by the Holy Spirit…Won’t you consider being a part of “Our Story”?